Uncommon Times

I trust that you are keeping safe and are helping many others around you to do the same.

The last four weeks have been momentous in the world we live in. Streets are empty. Offices are closed. Best health systems are overwhelmed. Death rate from COVID-19 has spiraled. Most families like yours are on lockdown. Your kid and other kids around the world are out of school.

As a school, we care about your safety and the safety of your kids. That was why we did not waste time in closing down the school immediately we received an order from the Government to do so.

In addition to the health and safety of your kids, we are concerned about what the sudden truncation of the second term means to their educational aspirations. After due consultations, we engaged the students set to write external examinations in online extension classes which ran for 3-4 weeks depending on the class. These are students in JSS 3, SS2 and SS3.

As a leadership school, we partnered with Lord Princely Associates Ltd – our proprietorsā€™ company – to organize a three day online leadership program tagged “HangOut with Abiodun Fijabi”. The HangOut has pulled together about 300 kids within the age bracket 9-12 years from 7 countries in what many children and parents have applauded as the best leadership intervention they have so far experienced.

Ideally, we should have resumed for the third term on 27th April; that was four days ago. We are however, hopeful that resumption might be in sight, with the planned lifting of restrictions beginning on May 4.

As we watch the unfolding developments, we are strategizing on the best way to engage our entire student populace should the lockdown persist beyond May.

In the meantime, we advise that parents consider the second term holiday over and develop a strict program which would help engage the children to revise their past work as well as read ahead for their postponed second term examination. We have considered and still considering many options open to us with online classes. But we are hopeful for resumption soon.

Please feel free to consult the school through Mrs Akinyemi.

As we continue to keep safe, I bring you the best wishes of all our staff. I thank you for your kind attention and consideration.

Mopelola Fijabi

CEO, Elyon College & Leadership Academy

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