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Travels and tours are integral parts of learning at ECLA. A new ECLA student is assisted by the school to obtain an International passport as soon as possible. if he or she does not already possess one. Its ECLA’s way of preparing the student for learning and adventure in the safaris of East Africa, the wildlife of Southern Africa, the beautifulĀ coast landĀ of West Africa and the deserts of North Africa.

The school alternates between national and international tours annually.

Discerning ECLA parents and guardians see these travels and tours as essential to the children’s intellectual development, germane to their appreciation of the peoples and cultures of Africa and vital to their filling the huge leadership vacuum that exist in Africa. View Photo



Every February 14, there is a Love Feat at ECLA, featuring presentations, social interractions and meals. Students look up to this as a welcome diversion from the academic rigours. View Photo



The priviledged training of an ECLA student includes exposure to the African cultural values that are not at variance with our Christian heritage. Every October 1 (Nigeria’s Independence Day), students gather to showcase their cultural heritage through fashios, dances, and meals. It is such a colourful event no student wants to miss.Ā View Photo



As part of our leadership development programme, ECLA students are exposed to community service. They help provice the missing link between the government and the community. Past efforts have led to the rpairing of a community road, environemntal cleaning, and the provision of a road sign to curtail vehicular accidents.Ā View Photo


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