Shouldn’t Your Child Come To Elyon?

Fijabi AbiodunDear prospective parent,

To be sure, it is not easy deciding which secondary school your child will end up in this September. I know because I have been through it. Oftentimes, you are stuck between vision and grandeur; between social skills and academic excellence; and between freedom and morality. You wonder if you should elevate the elitist over the pragmatic. You weigh the fees on the balance of your earnings. Then, you wonder if you should let go off your precious children into a boarding school or hold onto them through their formative years.

All these questions were topmost on our minds when we founded Elyon College and Leadership Academy (ECLA) in 2004. ECLA was built on a sound vision: “To raise a new generation of leaders – skilled, visionary, and responsible – to fill the huge leadership gap in government, business and other professions.” Our goal is to put your child to work, allowing him to learn early the culture of work. Academic excellence is the school’s first priority. We let your child cherish her freedom but quickly remind her she has to take responsibility for her actions. With our policy of No Child Is left Behind, we see no child as a liability. And so, we work hard to bring the best out of your child. Our teachers are experienced in their field and double as caregivers to give your child a robust education. Facilities are adequate and are being expanded to make learning fun. The Elyon Experience is now served whether you opt for a full-boarding school or the day school: we help your child realize his purpose in God and find his way through life as he relates to fellow students in close proximity.

Our leadership curriculum prepares your child for a lifetime of leadership development. No child escapes our community services and practical opportunity to feel the pulse of the poor and think through ideas to better their generation. Our social etiquettes and speech elocution programme builds your child’s confidence and raises the bar of her contribution to the society. Then, every child gets to learn how to play, at least, one musical instrument. The spiritual dimension of the training in ECLA ensures your child imbibes such values that guarantee success and happiness. At ECLA, it’s a total package for the TOTAL CHILD.

Should your child come to ECLA? We never forget it’s your choice. We only hope you will allow us help your child to dream big and live his or her life to the fullest. At ECLA, we consider every child a sacred trust – a trust we are committed to keeping.

Shouldn’t your child come to Elyon?

Abiodun Fijabi
Chairman, Board – Elyon College & Leadership Academy

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