It has been observed that boarding helps to develop Confidence, Community Spirit, Independence, Social Skills, Cultural Awareness, Respect for others, Self-motivation, Responsibility, and A wide variety of interests.

Comfortable Dormitories

Boarders feel that they have a great social life, enhanced education due to greater access to school facilities, good working relationship with teachers and opportunity to develop friends for life.

ECLA boarding is all these and much more for interested students, providing all students uniform environment and standards to achieve their academic, career and life goals without distraction.

Dining Area

The school’s dormitory is a first class facility with low student population per room and ample conveniences that make living so much fun. The students’ diets – consisting of local and continental dishes – are designed by an experienced nutritionist for balanced and healthy living. Two daily tea breaks provide relaxation from core tasks as well as serve as refreshments.

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