Health Care


The welfare system of the School provides an environment in which each individual, with support and encouragement, is appreciated and is allowed to develop his or her own personality and talents while learning to live as part of a community.

The school’s Health Unit operates a full outpatient facility, including health promotion and counseling. It is run by a registered pediatric nurse who is on call 24 hours a day. A school matron is based in the boarding house.

We are affiliated to a large specialist practice here in Abeokuta, where the school doctor is based. Parents must complete a detailed health questionnaire when their child starts school. This should be completed in as much detail as possible so that the school nurse and her colleagues can meet any medical needs the student has. If a student is ill or visits a doctor during holidays the school nurse should be informed as soon as possible after the student recommences school.

Any medication should be clearly labeled with the name of the child, drug name, date and clear dosage instructions. This is very important to help the nurse provide appropriate care. It is a parent’s responsibility to keep their child up to date with immunizations.

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